El Don's Hairstylers Services

Hair Salon

A hair salon isn’t simply tasked with cutting your hair, its responsibility is to maintain and refine the personal style you’ve worked so hard to create! A professional and trained hair stylist can help you define a style that fits your personal tastes and facial structure, resulting in a breath taking and head turning style! At El Don’s Hairstylers it is this type of hair salon grade cut we hope to provide to our guests!

Each and every one of our amazing stylists boast years of experience in the styling industry and can help you define an individual look all your own! Whether that look calls for a cut, a styling, or even coloring, know that your hair is left in capable hands!

Barber Shop

While a hair salon promises beautiful cuts and quality styles, a barber shop delivers a personal and individualized approach towards your hair treatment! Our team finds great pride in being able to collaborate with each and every customer towards a unique and personalized style!

Whether you’re coming in for a simple touch up or need to completely revamp your style, engaging in a discourse with our dedicated staff is a sure fire way to achieve the greatest results! When it comes to getting your hair cut, finding a professional you feel comfortable returning to is like striking gold! Let us become that trusted stylist!

Nail Salon

Of course, your style doesn’t end simply at your hair! Getting your nails touched up can be exactly what you need to tie your look all together! Ever committed to helping you create the perfect style, our team also happily offers a comprehensive approach towards keeping your nails in tip top shape!

Come down with an idea of what you want in your head and we’ll do everything in our power to recreate that dream look! Not quite convinced you know what you’re looking for? Not a problem! Speak with a member of our team and receive a professional’s opinion on the style that works best for you! Our end goal is always your complete satisfaction!

Hair Replacement

For many, their hair is integrally tied to their sense of self-confidence. Naturally, hair loss or thinning hair becomes a future many dread! At El Don’s Hairstyler’s, we believe everyone deserves luxurious locks they can’t help but show off. That is why we offer hair replacement treatments designed to revitalize your love for hair styling!

Come down to our location and speak to a hair loss specialist who can recommend treatments and procedures to combat your hair loss! Not interested in any of our treatments? Not a problem! We also happily offer an expansive selection of wigs sure to accentuate your look!

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is one of the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatments in the world that actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.

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